Galvano Golf

The Greatest Game, That No One Masters for Long.

I’m not a natural golfer. My siblings? Yes… …all of them talented, amazing, athletic… but, me? No. Not by a long shot. I think that’s why I love teaching so much. Because, if believe if I can become good, anyone, who applies themselves can.

That being said, the hardest thing a teaching professional faces, is the student that wants a quick fix, and doesn’t have the desire to practice. For this individual, there’s not much we can do.

My father, used to say; “Skip practice, once, and you’ll know it. Skip practice twice, and I’ll know it. Skip practice three times, and the whole world will know it.”

Wise words.

St. Teresa said; “Discipline is the best friend of man, because, it takes you to reach the deepest longings of your heart.”

How amazing these truths are. The greatest inspirations often come during the solitude of practice. No matter if you’re working on your golf swing, walking three miles, biking, or practicing the piano discipline, causes our souls to soar.

So, if you’re putting stinks, don’t put your clubs in the corner, until you play again. Pull out your putter, drop a dime on the carpet and work on your stroke while the rest of the house sinks into their phones. You, will be improving yourself, and you’ll feel better for it, I promise you.

There’s always a way. If you can’t see a path, ask someone who’s already traveled the road you’re wanting to trek. And pray.

With God all things are possible. Mathew 19:26