Anna Lucia, Book 2, The Casa Bella Chronicles

Vincenzo Castello. How hard it is to focus on the task at hand when your mind wants nothing more than to sink into sweet oblivion. Almighty God, give me strength. Stone and weeds dug into his head, grit bit his face.

So much blood.

The weapon. He must act now or not at all. Footsteps on gravel told of the enemies approach.

The Sicilian slowly tightened his grip. Through slit eyelids he watched and waited. The enemy raised his revolver.

Only God could have arranged this meeting. Only God could heal a woman so wounded. In His service by life or death; will this vow be fulfilled?

Anna Lucia; Book 2, The Casa Bella Chronicles


Anna Lucia, Book 2, The Casa Bella Chronicles

A crime, a murder and a man with a saber. Anna Lucia will capture your heart. Price includes shipping and paypal fees.