A Life-Changing Story

A few years ago, when I sought to write Messina, Book 1, The Casa Bella Chronicles. I’d been motivated by the idea of writing stories to inspire people to live with reckless abandon for God. If I made a little money along the way, that would be great. If I could turn novel writing into a career, that would be a dream come true.

Eight years later, I’m looking at the launch of Book 3, in the Casa Bella Chronicles; The Iron Door.

God has changed a lot in my heart, yet, a lot has remained the same.

I lost two brothers, since book two came out. One each year. Both Pete and Phil, insisted on rooting me on, so to speak, in my writing. Pete, in particular, was the brilliant illustrator for both Messina and Anna Lucia . My brother Phil, always a quiet listener for my ideas. Both, such a gift from God, both missed terribly.

Now, after a months recovery from covid, and a near-death experience, myself, I find that God is, once again, changing my heart. A goal, right? I want my heart to be like His.

Selling books is no-longer a priority.

Writing the stories that God gives me to write is.

So. These stories are now my ministry. You’ll not see a ton of adds from me.

If you find a blessing in them, if you know someone who will be inspired to live for God, because of them, I’d love to hear about it. If I can figure out how to put what you say, on this website, I will. (I’m awful at computer things)

If, you find a blessing in your heart, please condescend to give an actual review on whatever website you’ve purchased from.

If, and this is a statement of honor, because I am not wealthy, you find someone who would benefit from one of my stories, let me know. I can’t promise, but if I can, I will help.

Be blessed, Be God’s. Live with reckless abandon.

Welcome to the world of Casa Bella, where we’re all famiglia.

Grace and Peace,


2 thoughts on “A Life-Changing Story

  1. Hello, So sorry to hear of your brothers passing. Are you the same Liz Galvano that lived in Sebring Florida and played golf at Harder Hall? I worked at the proshop in 1983. I remember how good your Moms Peanut Butter sandwiches were. I look forward to reading tour stories.

    Patricia (Kozakiewicz)Martel



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