The Innate Goodness of America

On August sixth, my life changed. I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and told to quarantine for ten days. Eight days later, I was on my way to the hospital with Covid-pnmonia.

The ambulance ride was cold. My head pounded with extreme thirst. Sitting, quietly, next to me, the entire ride, a young paramedic. His kind words of comfort eased my mind and let me knew I was going to be okay.

Laying in the hospital for seven days, a lot goes through your head. Things about life. Things you need to let go of, things you need to give to God. The most profound thing that I kept coming back to, was, that in my crisis, I was able to rely on the care of complete strangers, who gave their all, to help me.

This is who America is.

America is a nation of people who truly believes that God made us in His image. And in that view, we help. We are not, as the media or colleges or even some school systems want us to be; racists, and selfish. We are not a bunch a narcissist’s, more concerned about our selfies and the next meal.

Fiercely independent? Yes. Stubborn to a fault? Yes. But it’s our backbone that makes America a group of people who will stick our necks out, to help our fellow man; no matter who they are. If my neighbor needs something, I’m there.

Stuck on the side of the road? Give it time. Someone will stop. Run out of change at the cash register? Nine times out of ten, a perfect stranger will “pay forward” the missing change.

We’re tired of being told how we fail. Or how intolerant we are. When nothing could be further from the truth.

The news from Afghanistan devastated us all, the other day. In the crisis, Americans didn’t cower, we LEANED FORWARD.

Why? Because we want to help. That’s who America is. We are ALWAYS the first to run to the emergency. Our frustration comes from people who try to keep us distracted, with busy work. Who treat us like we’re stupid. We’ve never been a nation of whiny butts.

So I think its time. Time to speak up. EVERY time someone says something denigratore abut our Nation or its people. I personally am over it.

The left wing media is wrong. We all know it.

If you want to see our great country, look around you.


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