This book has assaulted my visual senses. I love it. I can visualize the scenes and sounds in the story and see the facial expressions of the characters. This definitely needs to be a movie. I can see the looks that Dr. James and Dr. Castello give each other, I can see the injured patients and the destruction in Messina. It is like I’m there witnessing it all. And then there are the awesome honest conversations between God and Lucy. I almost laughed when she told God that Dr. Castello was Dr. Impossible. And still, the novel was so much more.

The author was able to write a beautiful love story that dealt with racism, sexism, religious prejudice and having a true one on one relationship with God. The way she was able to show the characters struggle with difficult situations and decisions made the story realistic and relatable. I know what racism is like and having to deal with a decision that is clearly God’s will, but struggling so hard to accept it. However as Giovanni said “Sometimes it takes a bitter pill to make a person well.” That is a very true and powerful statement .

Dr. Castello stole my heart. He was honest, loyal and faithful. The scene where he fully surrendered to God was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever read in a book. It’s being played over and over again in my mind. I can’t shake it. And I was little concerned because I knew the road ahead would be filled with obstacles and I wondered would he continue to cling to God. The storm that came was huge and it came in the form of someone who Dr. Castello thought would be loving and understanding. I can’t wait to read book 2! 

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