Jeff HarshbargerIn Jeff Harshbarger’s own words: “I care about you!”.Jeff is here to serve and help you in any way possible. He offers Biblical counseling to those in need and will pray for and with you concerning what concerns you. Jeff will walk with you through whatever situation that you find yourself in without judging you and he offers free resources in an effort for you to receive the Lord’s truth and to strengthen your walk with Jesus Christ.

International Book Orders (Amazon) :Ominous words from the stone-faced physician at the temporary hospital greet her: “Welcome to hell, Miss James.” No description could be more accurate. Earthquake, tsunami, and fire have razed Messina, Sicily. In a single night in 1909, one hundred thousand people never wake up. Physician Lucille James is determined to help despite horrendous conditions, almost non-existent medical supplies, and the opposition of the medical community she worked so hard to join. Giovanni Castello, the man facing her now, stands as her biggest opponent. Surrounded by blood and death and pushed to the edge of exhaustion, Lucille relies on God as her only option. When God gives a gift, after all, a person must use it. Will she have the strength, courage, and faith to do so?

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